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If you want to become a great leader,

You must first learn to become truly vulnerable.

Relationships grow through pain and hardship.

Relationships form through shared experiences.

Your pain and hardship, shared with others, can be the catalyst to transforming your relationships, your ability to lead, and your impact on others.

Your story has power.

Your experience has meaning.

Vulnerability is the key to unleashing impact within yourself and in the world around you.


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​​Being open to being seen, being real, and counting the cost of sharing your story as worth the risk.

Joel will inspire you to examine yourself, to be honest about what you see and who you ultimately want to become, and then to take a journey of growth that will leave you and those around you truly changed.

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Watch Clips From the Popular Keynote:
"The Risk Worth Taking"

How do you know when to be
vulnerable vs. exude strength?
Is THIS the ultimate reason for our
employee turnover?
Our employees have THESE deeply relational needs that we need to meet, or they'll leave.
70% of employee engagement is impacted by the person they are afraid of the most...who is it?
Someone has to step up and lead.
Will you?
What does strength and vulnerability look like? This.


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Dr. Melissa Mork

"Joel’s keynote hit the mark on so many levels! I have been talking about his takeaways with my family, with friends, and with colleagues at work. His content was solid, his stories were relatable, and his points were applicable in SO many domains."

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Andrew Main

"Joel is one of THE best communicators I have ever
come across in my 40+ year professional career, including in my role as CEO of Aramark UK LTD.

He will always be someone I hold in highest regard."


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Dr. Bill Tibbetts

"Straight up...I think you're an exceptional speaker.

You truly have a gift...and I'm pretty critical of speakers."

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Jodi Richert

"Joel is an engaging, vulnerable, powerful speaker. Others in the audience were similarly moved by his heart and his words. I would welcome an opportunity to hear Joel share again."

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"The Risk Worth Taking"

If you're like most people, there's a narrative in your head that continues to tell you a devastating lie:

"If people knew who you really are, they'd leave you...they'd reject are not are never good enough."

So what do we do? We become someone else. We become what others want us to be, and we lose who we really are.

In this thought-provoking keynote, Joel challenges you to become the authentic version of yourself, and explores how doing so will forever leave you and your personal and work relationships changed forever.

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Image by Terren Hurst
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The "Obsession Metric"

You're probably tracking the wrong KPIs.

Or too many KPIs.

Getting your entire company rallying around what matters most is crucial to create fully engaged, bought-in, and motivated team members. 

Learn how to create an "obsession metric" for your company or organization, why it's important, how to choose the right metric, and the unbelievable (but true!) culture change and business impact you'll experience along the way.

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